Body: The Wisdom of Your Sexual Body


This sermon was an exploration of toxic and untrue myths about sexuality and anatomy and invitation to see what our sexual bodies teach us about God. God's dream is always a dream of making love - God is the ultimate source and maker of love. 


Recommended Resources:

The Great Sex Rescue by Sheila Gregoire

DIvine COmmunion: A Eucharistic Theology of Sexuality by Jay Emerson Thompson 

After Whiteness by Willie Jennings


The cultivation of belonging should be the goal of all education. Not just any kind of belonging, but a profoundly creaturely belonging that performs the returning of the creature to the creator and a returning to an intimate and erotic energy that drives life together with God. These words, intimacy and eroticism, have been so commodified and sexualized that we, Christians have turned away from them and fear that they irredeemably signify sexual antinomianism, moral chaos, and sin, or at least the need to police, such words and the power of they invoke. But intimacy and eroticism speak of our birthright formed in the body of Jesus and the protocols of braking sharing, touching, tasting, and seeing the goodness of God. There at his body, the spirit joins us in an urgent work, forming a willing spirit in us that is eager to hold and to help, to support and to speak, to touch and to listen, gaining through this work, the deepest truths of creaturely belonging: that we are erotic souls. No body that is not a soul, no soul that is not a body, no being without touching, no touching without being. This is not an exclusive Christian truth, but a truth of the creature that Christian life is intended to witness." - WIllie Jennings, After Whiteness

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