Body: Embodiment, Disability, and the Church by Pr Heather Morgan


Heather Morgan is a queer, disabled pastor licensed in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and currently studying disability theology through her MDiv at Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto. Heather has a lifetime of lived experience as a physically disabled and neurodiverse woman as well as living in a neurodiverse partnership and parenting multiple children with disabilities. As well, she has more than two decades of professional experience walking alongside individuals with disabilities and their parents. Heather has passionately worked out her faith in the midst of her embodied reality for almost four decades, and loves nothing more than to pull up a fresh seat at the table for a dear sibling in Christ.
Listen to this beautiful sermon about the value of churches that are diverse! Hannah talks a bit about church history including Augustine and Gregory of Nazianzus  and their takes on the body and disability with a beautiful call to action from Luke 14 and the parable of the banquet! 
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